Download Instagram Pro: An Instagram Mod Worth Discovering

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It’s surreal how Instagram has become a major part of everyone’s life.

Instagram is a free social networking platform, wherein people not only share their memories but also their joys, griefs and sorrow with their loved ones, through pictures and videos.

According to a survey on an average, a person spends about 53 minutes a day on Instagram.

Shouldn’t these 53 minutes be absolutely worthwhile for you?

The Instagram app installed on your phone currently has certain constraints, which bars it from making the most of the application. 

This facebook acquired app not only enables you to connect with those close to you, but also get a peek into the lives of your favourite celebrities/role models. It can be fun, creative and at the same time informational. Be it in form of a picture or video or story, you can now use this visual medium to convey your feelings/thoughts.

With such extremities, what if I told you, you could extract the maximum extreme from Instagram! (Pun intended)


Instagram Pro

How is it a step higher than that to your current Instagram app? Why should I download InstaPro? Is it a fake app or a copy of Instagram? 

We’ll go step by step!

Firstly, what is InstaPro?

InstaPro is a safe mod application.

Confused? Let’s get to the basic

What is a mod application?

  • Mods are nothing but a modification in an existing app or software, in short, a better version of the already existing apps that allows you to get access to the features that may not be available on the existing application.
  • These apps are not available on the play stores, instead, they are required to be downloaded from the browsers.
  • Also termed as ‘sideloading’ from the browsers, therefore are called ‘sideloading applications’

So, InstaPro is basically the advanced version of the native application ‘Instagram’, with buckets of new added features, and is completely safe & trusted.

Talking of features, 

Maybe you should make yourself comfortable before you read this, because it’s a rather L O N  G  L  I  S T


  • Instagram pin code lock or fingerprint sensor: InstaPro enables you to use a pin code lock or fingerprint sensor, making your photos and chats absolutely safe even in case of theft or any other unforeseen circumstances.
  • Downloading of Images, Videos & IGTV: Liked a quote? Or want to save your favourite celebrity’s pic? Well, one can now easily download Images, videos & other media, and save it in the gallery.
  • Disabling of ads/promotions: Often while viewing a story or scrolling through the feed, there are a lot of ads and sponsored content that appears, hindering your pictorial experience, therefore InstaPro helps you disable the ads/promotions.
  • Viewing of profile picture full size: Sick of viewing one’s profile picture in a thumbnail? This modded app now makes it easier for one to view a full-size image of the profile picture with just a tap on the profile picture thumbnail.
  • Disabling of ‘Read’ from Direct Messages: Read a message but do not want the person to know you have? You can hide ‘Read’ from your DM, and the person would never know. (Invisibility Superpower!! Oh yeah!)
  • Downloading of Voice Messages & Expiring Medias: Contrary to Instagram, one can not only download voice messages but also the media that you haven’t opened as yet can be downloaded using InstaPro.
  • Inbuilt unfollowing tracker: Instagram never lets you know of the people who unfollowed you, InstaPro’s new feature will update you on that. (So that you can unfollow them too! Just kidding!)
  • Hide ‘typing’ status in DM: Usually, it shows, ‘XYZ is typing….’: Well not anymore!
  • Copy Comments & Captions of others’ posts: Like it? Copy it! Copy/Paste one’s worded treasure captions or comments with ease.
  • Disabling story view: You can disable the story view option, which will not notify the person that you have viewed their story.
  • Disabling Autoplay of videos: Instagram consumes a lot of data, especially when it comes to its Autoplay feature. Here, so isn’t the case, one can simply disable the autoplay of videos.
  • Translation of comments/captions to any language: One can translate to any other language than what the actual comment or caption is, making it multilingual. Any language from any part of the world. You name it and it’s there.

Download Instagram Pro Latest Version 7.0 For Android

  • Download Instagram Pro from the download link given below.

Version Information

Sofware NameInstagram Pro
Updated On18th August 2020
Size52 MB
DeveloperSommer Damous
Based on151.
  • Install the application, and you might get an unknown source warning. Just click on settings
  • Enable unknown sources so that you can install any third party app on your phone
Enabling Unknown Sources - InstaUltra
  • Click the back button and try installing the application again on your phone.
  • Install Instagram Pro again on your phone.
  • Log in with your username and password, and that’s it! You have done the main work of downloading the app on your phone.
InstaUltra-Login-Screen-473x1024 (1)

How to Download Instagram Media Files

  • Open the Instagram Pro application on your phone
  • You will see a download option when you want to download the picture.
  • If you have only one picture it will automatically get downloaded. If you have multiple pictures then it will ask you to “Download this Pic” or all the images from the carousel.
  • This will automatically download the pictures on your phone. If it asks you for some permissions then please allow it.

How to Download IGTV or Reels from Instagram?

  • Open IGTV Video on your Instagram
  • There you have to click on the menu key. Check the screenshot attached below which will help you find the option.
  • Then you just need to click on the download story button on Instagram.
  • That’s it! You can download the images, videos from Instagram.

How to Install Instagram Plus on Your Android Phone

  • If you want to install Instagram Plus on your phone then the first thing you need to do is Uninstall the Official version
  • Download the app from the below-given button.
  • Install the application, and you might get an unknown sources warning. You need to click on settings.
  • Enable unknown sources.
Enable-Unknown-Sources-InstaUltra-473x1024 (1)
  • Click on the back button and try installing the application again on your phone.
  • Once the installation is done. Open the app.
  • Log in with your username and password, and that’s it, and you have successfully installed the application on your phone.

InstaPro Tour

On opening the app, go on to your profile page, click on ‘Settings’ which is located on the right top corner of your screen.

1. Clicking on ‘Privacy’, this option will enable you to either:

  • ‘Hide view stories’ which means the person whose story you are viewing would not know the story has been viewed by you.
  • ‘Don’t mark messages as read’, this feature will hide ‘Read’ for the person and would show the message to be still unread.
  • Hide Typing status’, the person you are chatting to wouldn’t be alerted if at all something is being typed by you.

2. Coming to General Settings:

Media options

  • Instagram by default compresses photos by screen width, ticking on ‘Photos in max quality’ will enable you to view the photos in high definition depending on the pictures.
  • An option such as ‘Zoom photos on long tap’, can help to focus on intricate details with ease.
  • Also, ‘Download media on triple-tap’, this option gives you access to download all kind of media, be it photo, video or IGTV with a triple tap. That’s it!
  • ‘Enable Double-tap like’, a lot of times, one tends to by mistakenly likes a photo unwantedly due to scrolling through the feed, this can now be disabled to avoid such mishaps.

3. Language Translation

‘Select language for translation’, you can select any language in the world, and have a personalized experience at ease with this option


  • ‘Two-line message box in DM’, it can be quite irritating to be unable to send long texts on Instagram, this option will let you type paragraphs together.
  • ‘Enable in-app browser’, one can now easily open any link in the app itself without having to shift between apps.
  • ‘Disable shopping items in search’, since the time Instagram has gotten into retail, shopping items appear in the search which might hamper one’s experience, you can easily bar such shopping items by selecting this option.

3. App Lock’ Settings

Now be rest assured of your personal stuff on Instagram, with app lock settings. One can now set up a pin code in order to prohibit access to anyone

4. Unfollowing tracker

For bloggers/business profiles, this feature is a boon, one can know who followed and then unfollowed, and also know the count of it, helping them to set targets to minimize the unfollowing as much as they can.

5. Disabling Videos autoplay

Long press on the camera icon, will disable the usual feature of video autoplaying.

6. Extra options

Every post has certain extra options, where in one can either ‘Turn on the post notifications’ where in every time there is any new post from that page, one can be notified.

Contrary to the above option, one can even ‘Mute’, that is not be notified at all.

You may also copy and share the link of that particular post amongst friends or family. Also, Report if you find the post to be inappropriate or offensive.


There’s no reason why this Insta mod shouldn’t be on your phones. It’s safe and user friendly, ensures privacy to its users and has tons of features that only take your experience to a whole new level. Time to go extreme, with Instagram Pro.

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